The 10 Best Bullet Journal Cover Pages for November

The 10 Best Bullet Journal Cover Pages for November

November is a time for change. The leaves fall from the trees, the air grows colder, and we all start to prepare for the winter ahead. This makes it a great month to create some stunning bullet journal cover pages. 

When it comes to designing a new monthly spread in your bullet journal, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. Monthly cover designs typically take up one or two pages in your bullet journal. This is a great way to symbolize the beginning of a new month. To create a stunning monthly journal page, start by choosing a theme. From there, you can select some colors and get to designing your unique cover page!

If you’re looking for inspiration for your bullet journal, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 10 of the best bullet journal cover pages for November:

Sleeping Fox Bujo Cover Page 

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A post shared by Erika (@thatbulletteacher)

This whimsical bujo cover page from @thatbulletteacher features a sleeping fox cuddled up amidst some minimalistic floral elements. The color scheme consists of muted fall tones that capture the essence of November perfectly. Whether you’re a bullet journal beginner or you’ve been creating cover pages for a while, this is a great design to recreate for the month of November.


Bold Crystal Bullet Journal Theme 

If you’re looking for a vibrant way to celebrate the month of November, you need to try out some bold crystals on your bujo cover page. This artist chose bright green tones, but the great thing about this design is that it will work with any color palette. So, choose your favorites and get to doodling!


Mixed-Media Bujo Cover Page

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A post shared by Hannah (@blushpinkbujo)

You don’t have to be an expert illustrator to get creative with your bullet journal cover. Check out this elegant mixed-media bullet journal cover page, for example. This artist used old sheet music, brown paper, and floral washi tape to create a multi-dimensional cover page that will take your breath away. They chose a warm, neutral color palette that complements that November feeling oh so well.


Classic Fall Leaves Monthly Theme

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A post shared by Littlematcha.bujo (@littlematcha.bujo)

If you’re looking for bujo cover ideas that are unmistakably Fall, try recreating this stunning Fall leaves design. The artist features a swooping branch that covers two pages instead of one, making this design especially unique. The colors they chose are gold, burnt orange, and deep brown.


Elegant Lettering Inspiration

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A post shared by Adrienne Abbott (@adriennelovesletters)

This bullet journal cover page is all about the lettering! The artist uses all of the iconic colors of fall to get their message across: reds, golds, browns, and greens. Adding a witty quote to the left page, as this artist did, is a great way to bring a smile to your face every time you open your bullet journal.


Whimsical Mushrooms Monthly Bujo Theme

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A post shared by Margaret 🧚‍♀️ (@margaret_scrap_the_world)

Mushrooms are a popular choice for bullet journal cover ideas, and it’s easy to see why! With so many different colors and styles to choose from, you can get as creative as you want with this theme. This artist chose a minimalistic layout with mushrooms as the main focal point of the page.


Captivating Collage Bujo Cover

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This bullet journal monthly cover combines a variety of collage elements to create a stunning design that seems to tell a story of its own. The artist uses stickers, hand lettering, and washi tape to add texture to their design. They complement the muted, neutral tones with vibrant pops of red and yellow to add dimension to their bujo monthly cover page.


Washi Tape Scarf November Bujo Cover

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A post shared by Jenny • Bullet Journal (@pagesbyjenny)

The artist behind this November bullet journal cover got extra creative with a bullet journal staple: washi tape! They layered two different types of washi tape to create this stunning design that appears like it is popping right off the page. To fill in the background, they included some magical twinkle doodles. This is one bujo cover inspiration that is sure to make you feel cozy.


Watercolor Pumpkin Patch

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A post shared by Kimberly Snider (@playartwithkim)

The best part about keeping a bullet journal is that it gives you an opportunity to get creative with your designs. This artist combined watercolor pumpkins with some bold, organic lines to create a bullet journal that will transport you right to a magical pumpkin patch. The floral elements add depth and dimension to the design, making it stand out even more.


Cozy Fall Picnic Bullet Journal Inspo

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A post shared by eunice✨ (@eunice.bulletjournal)

The artist behind this adorable bujo cover includes a wreath of all the things you would find at a cozy Fall picnic. From steaming tea to a basket full of goodies from the Fall harvest, this design features a little bit of everything!


Which Bullet Journal Monthly Cover is Your Favorite?

Bullet journal monthly covers are a great way to set the tone for the upcoming month. As you can see, there are so many different ways to celebrate the month of November in your bullet journal! If you need washi tape to put the finishing touches on your spread this month, check out what we have here. What’s your favorite bullet journal monthly cover from November? Let us know in the comments below.

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