December Giving - The Keala Foundation

December Giving - The Keala Foundation

Photo from the Keala Foundation Website

Every month we donate a portion of our proceeds to community organizations that are making the world a kinder place. This month we donated to the Keala Foundation. 

Every child deserves the opportunity to grow up in a healthy environment.

This is the philosophy behind the work the the Keala Foundation does on Kauai.

From the Keala Foundation website:

Drug and alcohol addiction is devastating our culture, community, and our youth. We’ve watched it kill people we people and those close to our hearts. The truth is hard and the reality of addiction is devastating. But there is always hope.


Behind the rainbows

When you come to visit it's easy to not see this side of Kauai. The founder of the Keala Foundation, Aaron Hoff, knows first hand what addiction is like, and his mission from the very beginning was to create a free and safe community for kids— a place they could remain accountable, belong, and know they are loved.

The Keala Foundation offers youth programs at 4 facilities on the island of Kaua’i, sponsoring over 500 kids through our programs. Through CrossFit, Youth Engagement, Ocean Safety, Early Intervention, motorcycle riding, and surfing, they are teaching thier students discipline, integrity, humility, and the value of hard work.

It's important work, and if you'd like to learn more and see how to get involved, visit their website today. 


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