10 Cute 2023 Bujo Cover Pages #bujo2023

10 Cute 2023 Bujo Cover Pages #bujo2023

The new year is about to start and we can't wait to show you these 10 amazing 2023 bullet journal cover pages. Each artist has a slightly different style, so there's bound to be something you'll love in this list! All of these bullet journal artists are on Instagram, so if you're on insta, be sure to follow them.

Also follow us, @journalxo.co, for year round inspiration. We love to see what you're making, tag us to be featured! 


Stamps and Washi


This 2023 bujo cover is by @coffee.and.bujos. It features gorgeous grid washi tape in two shades of blue. The lettering (well, numbering) for the year is done in stamps, which is a great way to get a consistent look each time. We think the detail added by the torn page from a book adds the perfect amount of charm and really made this spread came out so nicely!


Blended Art and Lettering


This cover by @myrthesbujo uses a simple three color palette and blends the floral illustrations seamlessly with the stenciled numbers. The half and half design works perfectly and if you're not up for drawing you could do this look with journal stickers as well. You know an artist is talented when they make it look effortless!


Hand Drawn Inspiration


This annual cover is an elegant pen drawn illustration by @mywhymsicallife. We love how a quote was incorporated into this page. "Free to be me in 2023". Not only is this good advice, it's poetic as well.

Have you found a word or a quote to set the tone for your year?  


Artistic Elegance


This 2023 bujo cover page by @plslars is hand drawn and features kraft paper cut outs. It's not always easy to make a mixed media layout look so elegant, but Lars did a fantastic job with this annual cover page. We're looking forward to seeing what he creates for the rest of the year!


Annual Goals, front and center



We chose this page because it's a little different from the rest. This 2023 cover from @oliv_bujo also incorporates sections for adding goals for the year. We love this for making sure the areas you want to grow in are front and center. There's a section for career, health, personal and other, so if you want to use this layout, it's quite flexible. This spread is accented with stickers, so you can make it your own style by simply choosing a sticker sheet that you're drawn to.

We love this bujo spread because writing your goals down is the perfect way to make sure you're staying focused on what matters most to you, throughout the year. 

Hand Painted Night Sky



This 2023 bujo cover by @meuamadobujo was created with paint and features a night sky over a serene forest. The colors are dreamy and we just know that throughout the year, this bujo page is going to be filled with amazing art.

Do you like to paint in your journal?


Washi Tape in a New Years Eve Color Scheme

This yearly cover page is by @solar.journal and brings in the year with gold paint and grid washi. We love how the color scheme immediately reminds you of NYE decorations - it's the perfect way to kick of the new year in your new bullet journal. 

Wavy Lines to Bring in a Groovy New Year


This cover is by @pretty.and.papered and features 70s inspired wavy lines and wood paneling. Or at least that's what it reminds us of! The colors are funky and fun and we love that this layout stopped with just enough art in it. Although some flower stickers could be cute here, we think Emily nailed it just as it is!

Washi, Stickers, and Quotes 


This 2023 bullet journal cover page from @lapetitepuce.es features grid washi and glitter washi. The simple pattern of the black and white grid washi tape goes so well with the sparkle of the gold washi. This is another page that reminds of NYE. 

The quote "Make it Happen" is new year's resolution gold. Make it Happen is a classic quote for good reason - it just gets to the point.  Between the washi, the floral stickers, and the quote, we think this bujo page is fantastic!

Looking for washi tape, check out our selection of cute washi sets!

Pandas in Bujo Paradise

And last, but certainly not least is this amazing drawing from @lunar.inspiration. We just love the artistry of this picture. In her caption she says she finds this picture to be both fresh and cozy and we couldn't agree more. The colors make it fresh, and what could be cozier then pandas snuggling in a hammock! If you want to see more of her 2023 lineup, she has a video out as well.


2023 Bujo Yearly Page Roundup

So that's 10 of our favorite 2023 bullet journal cover pages. We know there are amazing ones that we missed so let us know in the comments who we should follow.

We also love to see what you're making - tag us @journalxo.co for a chance to be featured!

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