Bujo Weekly Spread Inspiration - Dutch Doors

Bujo Weekly Spread Inspiration - Dutch Doors

Our favorite bujo spread for the week of November 28!

This image is from @teanbujo - follow her on Instagram to see amazing bullet journal art.

If you're looking for a cute new idea you can use in your bullet journal for your weekly spread, try making a layout with dutch doors.  

What we LOVE about this weekly spread

All of the weeks are grouped together, but separated by dutch doors. It's a really clever way to make it easy to get to the week you want, and turn the pages.

The days of the week are laid out simply but in this spread, simple really works! It allows the other elements on the page to really shine and ensure they all come together harmoniously. 

Washi tape page dividers

The tabs are decorated with grid washi tape which is a perfect way to add a coordinating color, without making your layout look too busy. If you're looking for ways to improve your layouts, try this, because we think this little touch of washi really adds so much style to the page! 


Monthly Overview Section

This spread also features a list on the right hand side, next to the dutch doors. You can use it for your monthly goals, but to stay in the Christmas theme, Tea created a Christmas bucket list. 

If you have a top habit you want to track for the month, you could also put that on the left hand side. 

There's also a cute section for notes and whimsical, cozy drawings. If drawing isn't something you enjoy doing in your bujo, you could swap out the drawing with stickers instead. 

So, this is our favorite bujo weekly spread for the week of November 28th! If you have a great layout tag us on instagram @journalxo.co for a chance to be featured - we love to see what your making!

To see more bujo inspiration, follow us on instagram @journalxo.co


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