Bujo Playlist Inspiration - Spotify Wrapup

Bujo Playlist Inspiration - Spotify Wrapup

This week's photo and bullet journal inspiration is a gorgeous playlist spread from @sleepyneko.bujo 

Playlist spreads are a great way to break up your normal bujo routine by creating a fun spread to keep track of what songs you had on repeat.

Not everyone has time to keep track of what they were listening to, so a great way to get the songs for your spread is to use the year end wrap-up Spotify sends you! 

Why you should make a playlist bullet journal spread

Looking back at these bullet journal spreads years later can take you back in time. You'd be surprised, but not every song stands the test of time and being reminded of what you were listening to 5 years ago can bring back a flood of great memories. And really, isn't that one of the best reasons to keep a journal in the first place - to keep track of things you want to remember!

What we LOVE about this bujo spread

First of all, the colors are muted, dreamy and gorgeous! The stickers, pens and washi all go so well together. It's not always easy to find things that match so well when they don't come from a kit, but Janet did a lovely job doing just that with this spread. 

We also love how it's not just limited to artists and songs - if podcasts are your things, you can take inspiration from this layout and include your most listened to podcasts, or even episodes from single podcast if there's only one you follow. 

So, this is our favorite bujo spread for the week of December 5th! If you have a great layout tag us on instagram @journalxo.co for a chance to be featured - we love to see what your making!

To see more bujo inspiration, follow us on instagram @journalxo.co

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