Bujo Inspiration - One Line a Day Page

Bujo Inspiration - One Line a Day Page

This photo is from @jagodowebujo

A 'One Line a Day' Page is a bujo spread you can add for every month or just some months.  

What's great about this kind of page is, it's open ended and you can use it for many purposes. You can choose to write a memory of the day, a daily gratitude statement, or a top priority - making it a kind of must do/ to-do list. There isn't a wrong way to do it, which makes it easy to tailor the page to what you may be lacking in your other spreads. 

One line a day to help with social media 

If you have social media accounts, you can use your one line spread as a list of accounts/influences you want to connect with, for post ideas, or for posts (yours or others) that you want to share in your stories. 

This one line bujo page is by @jagodowebujo.


We think this post really shines because of the hand drawn artwork. The line drawing of woman meditating is really striking, and it seems like a natural fit for this one line spread would be to track a daily inspiration from a meditation session. At the very least it would be a reminder to approach your day more mindfully.

Before the Pen

This image is the before the pen, and I don't doubt it looks equally as striking after the pen. 

So that's our bujo inspiration pick for the week of December 19th! We think this page is just gorgeous but we know there are tons of amazing pages we haven't seen. Let us know in the comments who we should follow.

If you're making amazing bujo art, we love to see what you're making, tag us to be featured.

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