Bujo Inspiration - Journal Prompts, 52 Lists for Happiness

Bujo Inspiration - Journal Prompts, 52 Lists for Happiness

The new year is now well under way, but it's still the perfect time to talk about reflections and journaling. With that in mind, this week's bullet journal inspiration is not a spread, but journal entry based on the book, 52 Lists for Happiness. 

This book is filled with journaling prompts designed to get you think about (and write a list about) what makes you happy, steps you can take in to increase your happiness, and what is getting in the way (so you can get it out of the way). 

Where should you write your 52 Lists for Happiness?

The book itself is beautiful and does come with ample space to create your lists in the book directly, however another way to do this execize is to use your favorite journal. This gives you the ability to take up as much space as you like, and to decorate your list with drawings, stickers or washi

With that bit of introduction, let's get to this week's bujo inspiration! This week's bujo inspo comes from Joana of @plandreamlive

Journal example for 52 lists for happiness

(Photo by Joana Diego, @plandreamlive)

Kraft Paper Journal Page

This gorgeous page is the cover she created to kickstart her weekly journaling. We just adore her use of kraft paper, stamps and stickers to give this cover incredible depth and visual interest. We can't wait to see what this going to look like over the next 52 weeks. If you want to follow along with Joana's journey, make sure you follow her on her instagram. She's also going to be going through 52 lists for calm!




Bujo Inspo for January 9!

So that's our pick for bujo inspiration for the week of January 9! We know there are tons of amazing pages we haven't seen. Follow us on instagram, @journalxo.co, and tag #journalxo to be featured! 


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