Bujo Inspiration - Goals and Wishlist Spread

Bujo Inspiration - Goals and Wishlist Spread

The new year has just begun, so it seems only fitting that our pick for this week's bullet journal spread inspiration is something related to New Year's resolutions and goal planning!


2023 Goals Bujo Spread

This spread is by @raffie_journal and one of the things that makes this spread come together so well is how the script handwriting and the highlighter colors blend together so perfectly. The penmanship on it's own is delightful, but paired with the pastel pink and green, it really makes this page pop! 

There's also lovely detail added with well placed washi and cute doodles to fill the empty space.

The quotes she selected are very topical and appropriate. We've been seeing quite a few New Year's quote pages using some variation of "Make it Happen" - ambition is definitely in the air right now. If you're feeling ambitious as well, this spread is a great way to keep track of your goals and dreams for 2023!

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So that's our pick for bujo ideas and inspiration for the week of Jan 2! We know there are tons of great pages and ideas that we missed, tag us on instagram to be featured! @journalxo.co

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