Bujo Inspiration - A line a day

Bujo Inspiration - A line a day

This week's bujo inspiration is a pretty, pastel, line a day page by @ivanajournals

How to use a line a day bullet journal page

There isn't a wrong way to use it, but some common ways of filling in your line a day are, gratitude, inspirational quotes, top memory, and must do. Another creative idea for writers is to create a journal or writing prompt each day. 

This particular page has cute doodles on the top that fit in with her monthly theme. Every other line is highlighted in a soft pink. This color is the perfect choice as it goes with her theme, and it's light enough to write on.

If you want to try an alternate layout, you could make this a weekly line a day and use boxes instead of lines.

Weekly Bujo Inspiration

So that's our bujo inspiration pick for the week of Feb 13. Make sure you check out @ivanajournals. to see what else she is creating and to see how this spread is progressing!

We know there are tons of amazing bujo themes and layouts we haven't seen. If you're on instagram we love to see what you're making, tag us to be featured, @journalxo.co


Looking for more inspiration? Check our inspiration gallery, and the Inspiration section of our blog!

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