Bujo Inspiration - 2023 TBR Bookshelf

Bujo Inspiration - 2023 TBR Bookshelf

As we're getting well into the new year, this week's bullet journal inspiration is a post that is intended to be used throughout the year, and it's one that is perfect our avid readers! This week's bujo inspiration is from Mandy @mandyjournals and is a 2023 bookshelf. 


A spread that's made for bookstagram 


Because the look of this bookshelf spread will change thorough the year, this one is perfect for update / look-back posts. It can also be added as another slide in a carousel post for a book review. 

TBR or fill in as you go

This spread can be done two ways. The first is for the planners and the ones that enjoy setting clear goals. In the first way, you can fill out each book with the title of the one you intend to read (i.e. your To Be Read list). Then as you complete each book, you can add color. Which color is up to you - the color can match the cover, can go with the theme of the layout, or can match your monthly bujo theme colors so you have a visual reminder of which months you completed the books in.  

The other way requires less planning up front and allows more more spontaneity in your reading choices. In this approach you add the title and the color as you start (or finish) the book. 

However you do it, this is a lovely idea for keeping track of what you've read throughout the year and we think the colors Mandy chose are just perfect for giving this bujo spread a warm, cozy, and inviting feel. 


Bujo Inspiration for Feb 6

So that's our bujo inspiration pick for the week of Feb 6. Make sure you check out Mandy @mandyjournals to see what else she is creating and to see how this spread is progressing!

We know there are tons of amazing bujo themes and layouts we haven't seen. If you're on instagram we love to see what you're making, tag us to be featured, @journalxo.co


Looking for more inspiration? Check our inspiration gallery, and the Inspiration section of our blog!

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