Things we LOVE - Ana Lucia Art

Things we LOVE - Ana Lucia Art

When I saw this painting, I just had to have this gorgeous resin piece from The beachy colors, the dreamy florals, the shine - it's perfection. 

Each original is hand made in small batches, so you'll have to check her instagram or her website to see her latest work.

Made with Aloha

One of the best things about living in Hawaii is being able to support local artists. We're based out of Kauai, and Ana Lucia is based out of Oahu. I hadn't seen her work in person before buying, but I had a good idea what it would look like since I own a few resin peices from other Hawaii artists already.  

What I love about this painting

The color and the shimmer are what drew me in to this one. She also works in pinks and peaches, and it honestly was hard to decide between them. They are all just so gorgeous. I'm hoping she makes them in a larger size, but if not, I think a series of them would make a stunning display. 

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