7 Incredible January Bujo Cover Page Ideas

7 Incredible January Bujo Cover Page Ideas


There are so many incredible ways you can decorate your monthly bujo cover page. We've rounded up 7 of our favorite covers for January to give you inspiration for what you can do with your own bullet journal. 

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Bujo art in Calligraphy and Sketch 

This cover is done in pen and features a lovely hand drawn floral arrangement and the monthly calendar layout. If you're stuck on deciding how to fill the space in your spread, for a monthly cover, you really can't go wrong by adding the calendar. If you click through the photos in this post, Sera shows you how she first plans out the drawing in pencil, before committing to it in pen. This cover came out so nicely.

Moonlight Watercolors 

This January bullet journal cover is by Sarah at @paperboat_arts and is done using watercolors. The scene features a large moon in the background with a road winding through the trees towards it. It definitely invokes the feeling of a solitary journey, which we think is perfect for the feeling of the new year. The colors are invoke the feeling of night, but given the size of the moon, this could also be interpreted as a day time scene with the forest being surrounded by mist and fog. Either way, it's simply stunning!


Hand-drawn Hourglasses

This cover is by @bujo.by.filo and conveys the passage of time and the starting of a new year by featuring a collection of hand drawn hourglasses. The preceeding page features a plaid pattern that could done using markers, but if you prefer to use washi, you could pick a gingham or plaid pattern and that would work well too! We think this bujo cover is perfect for January!


Torn Washi and Watercolors

This cover is a mixed-media masterpiece! The entire left page is covered in black paint to really frame the right hand side. The main page features delicately painted florals and torn grid washi. All of the elements come together harmoniously for a beautiful January cover! 

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January Winter Owls

This adorable monthly cover is by @candice.has.a.bujo and features owls against a snowy background. We realize not everywhere in the world has snow in January, but it's still makes for a cute wintery theme. Not every cover has two pages, but this one does and features the calendar on the left, making this January spread both functional and cute!

Inspirational Quote for the New Year

This cover is by @blossom_bujo. As the new year is a time for growth and looking forward, we think this January quote is perfect. "Don't look back, darling. You're not going that way". We love how the empty space is filled with swatches from her color palette. This is simple, yet very effective January bujo cover!


Ducks in winter scarves


This adorable cover is by Addie from @coffee.and.bujos and features ducks in the cutest winter scarves. The washi she chose is just perfect for the theme. The art and the decorations all come together to make this lovely, whimsical nature inspired theme for January. We just love what she's done here! 


January Bujo Cover Roundup

So that's our Bullet Journal Cover roundup for January! We found so many cute pages and it was hard to pick just seven. We love seeing and sharing what you made, if you're on Instagram, tag us to be featured @journalxo.co, #journalxo!

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