3 bookstagram accounts to follow for reading journal inspiration

3 bookstagram accounts to follow for reading journal inspiration

The only thing better than reading, is reading with friends. We love how instagram lets you connect with friends near and far - over great books.

So what do we look for in a good bookstagram? At it's best, a good bookstagram will introduce you to new books, help you connect with readers from around the world - all while enjoying at a highly aesthetic feed!

Because instagram is visual, following high quality reading journal instagram accounts is probably one of the easiest ways to get inspiration for what to do in your own reading journal. With almost no effort, you'll get a non stop stream of page layouts to get inspired by.   

If this sounds like what you're looking for, we've put together a list of some of our favorite bookstagram accounts to follow in 2022. 


If you want to be exposed to a variety of novels, with quality reviews (but no spoilers), star ratings and fun commentary, check out what Bethany is doing on her instagram page. 

She also posts reading bullet journal spreads, challenges, and fun questions, so if you like to engage with a page, Bethany's is definitely one you want to follow! 




If you love romance novels then you must see what Ashley is posting on her page. If you follow her you'll get introduced to tons of new romance novels and get inspiration on how to create gorgeous reading bullet journal spreads.

By incorporating washi tapes that coordinate with the cover art, Ashley is able to make simple yet captivating layouts.


Are you looking for great books, cozy vibes and caffeine inspiration? Makena offers lots of great books to add to your tbr, and tons of community to discuss them with. With great engagement and appealing photos, if you like to chat about books and get recommendations from real readers, we think you should hang out on Makena's bookstagram. 


Looking for a reading journal? Our lined and dot grid journals are perfect for jotting down your thoughts and reviews.

Do you have a favorite bookstagram that you follow? Let us know in the comments who we should be paying attention to!

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