14 Beautiful Bujo Themes for February

14 Beautiful Bujo Themes for February

The new year is well underway and it's the perfect time to start planning out your bullet journal theme for February! We've of course included a few Valentine's Day cover pages, but it's certainly not the only creative direction you can take this month. Read on to see our 14 favorite February bujo themes and covers!

Love letters



This theme is really just so perfect for Valentine's Day. The letter theme is done in soft pink and the color of the pens match the washi perfectly! We think the letter saying "Hello February" is the perfect way to open up her bujo theme for this month!


Moonlight through the window




This theme is from Kerstin, and while we think this cover with the doors on the window stands on it's own, you really should click through to her page and see her watercolors as well. For this theme, the washi colors and the paint are just divine, and we love how this shows you really can stand out when you pick a color scheme that represents you and carry it over from month to month. Her entire instagram is just gorgeous!

Pretty in Pink - Peonies

This beautiful theme by Tea is perfect for February without being over the top, in your face romantic. Peonies are elegant, soft, and beautiful and make for the perfect anchor for a February bujo theme. If you click through to her instagram, you'll see that she has a lovely qoute on the left side of the cover page. A quote page is the perfect way to set the tone for the month. 

Book Love for February




This colorful theme really pops since it's done on black paper. In February, love is in the air, and for this theme, the love is directed towards books! The neon Gelly Roll pens are perfect for this paper and we thing the colors are what makes this bright February bullet journal theme so much fun.


Floral Mail with Hearts

This theme is a lovely Valentine's inspired design, without going over the top with pink and red. The drawing features a lovely card with hand drawn flowers bursting out of it. It fills the space in the page nicely, while leaving room for a month at a glance below. This cover is really quite elegant.

Winter Walks



While Valentine's day is popular in quite a few countries, it's not universally observed. This means there are plenty of gorgeous (and sentimental) themes that have nothing to do with cupid's bows and wispy hearts. This theme is a perfect example of that as it leans into the weather of February and features a pen drawing of mother walking her darling baby in a carrier. The other elements on the page (charming birds, and a playful snowman) can be carried out throughout the entire month to carry the theme over to other spreads. 

Celestial bujo in blue and gold




This theme is both minimal and complete. The pages are well balanced and full, without seeming too busy. We love how the colors are bold and can be carried though the rest of the spreads for the month. The left hand side of the cover page introduces the theme with the large full moon and the phases of the moon at the bottom and the right side has the monthly overview and a space to list out the top goals for the month. This one will definitely look great after the pen as well. 

Night scenes and grid washi


This bujo cover for February is all about color! The pink gradient in the sky is just the most gorgeous way to show off the colors for the month. And the grid washi is perfect. We love how the colors of this theme are perfect for Valentine's Day, but the subject is an edgy city scene - the contrast is quite nice and makes the composition that much more interesting.

Check here if you're looking for grid washi in pinks and reds

Postage Stamps and Insects


This February bujo cover is done in shades of green and features postage stamps in various colors. There's an insect on each week which gives a hint to what the variation on theme will be for that week. We think that's a great idea to have a cohesive theme, but also not get bored with it throughout the month. 

Sakura Blossoms


Cherry blossom season is approaching, and this theme celebrates that perfectly. Although there isn't a specific date for when the trees will bloom (it's weather dependent), any week now the trees will bloom in the most beautiful shades of pink and white.

A sakura theme doesn't have to be done exclusively in pink. If you want to incorporate some blue and white, our "Koi" washi set is navy and white and includes a cherry blossom roll. 

Lavender + Tarot for February


This February theme shines by leaning into a stand out color. The lavender watercolor blends perfectly with the color of the tarot stickers. They frame the woman in the center perfectly, and she's accented by a few beautiful floral stickers. This theme is another amazing example of how you can hint at romance without really mentioning Valentine's Day at all.


Self Love - Valentine's Day and Every Day

Can I just say I really, really adore this theme and how self care and self love gets so much celebration these days. This theme is the perfect reminder to first and foremost treat yourself with love and kindness.


Lunar New Year

This February theme is from 2022 - when Lunar New Year fell on Feb 1. The Lunar New Year falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice, which is usually between mid-January and mid-February so some years, you can use this as a January theme and others it'll be a February theme. This theme was created for the year of the Tiger, and the hand drawn tiger is so well done.

Romantic, Whimsical Pink


This spread by Kimberley draws from a traditional Valentine's Day color (pink), but adds in other soft and complimentary colors to create a romantic, elegant vibe that is perfect for February. The cover design features coordinating washi tapes and stamps, and leaves the left side to be filled in through the month with a lovely 'line a day' section. 


Our Favorite Bujo Themes for February

So those are our favorite bullet journal cover pages for February! We know there are tons of amazing themes we didn't see. We love to see what you're making, tag us on instagram to be featured @journalxo.co!

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